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Think social media is a passing fad? Think again. One in five patients used social media to research a health care condition in 2011. More than ever, patients turn to social media to make critical health care decisions -- everything from researching a doctor on Google+ to sharing a news article about a medical discovery on their social networks.


Health care is social. Social media isn't going anywhere, and doctors can't afford NOT to have a presence on social media.


Let the social media experts at Mercer Media Group develop a social media strategy for your practice. We'll position you as the industry thought leader, with carefully crafted content that helps you guide the health care conversation on social media.


And help you develop followers that are relevant to your practice -- patients, industry leaders, and others. Share accurate, timely health care information to patients around the world. All while driving engagement and interaction online with new potential patients.


Talk to your patients where they are, and boost your digital presence on social media.


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